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Here you can see some web design examples I have created. You can find prices for a web design here. Some folk hear the words “web design” and think they’ll need to take out a mortgage, however you’ll find my prices much more reasonable than anywhere else, and here’s why:

Unlike most design firms, I am a freelancer. This means I don’t have to fork out for a studio office or a team of staff. The expenses that require a freelancer like myself to run a business are minimal, resulting in my lower prices. I do have to get my own coffee though.

I offer 2 web design options. A small web design for basic advertising and such, and a large web design for more extensive purposes. Both are good value, but of course I would say that.


You get 1-3 webpages for £250, and for each change in design you request an additional £25 will be added to the order. For example if I make 7 web design adjustments the bring the total to £425. On the other hand, if I nail it first time you only pay £250. You can add as much stuff and make as many changes at a time as you like until your website is perfect. Nifty huh?


You get 4 or more webpages for £350, and each design change is a further £40. This option would be the best choice if your website needs a portfolio, blog or a shop for example. You can have as many webpages and include as much stuff as you like. It may be more money, but Dandy will cost ya!