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We can build the foundation of your identity and how you want people to recognise you – it’s our speciality, and it all starts here!

Every graphic designer has a different style. Some go subtle, some go bold. I personally choose a high-energy look over that ‘minimal’ look a lot of graphic designers will persuade you into. I like to find that the more I look the more I see. However, it’s not my logo and as my client, you can have anything you wish. I started creating logos from my early teenage years, entering contests and such, trying to build a portfolio for when I enter the big, bad world. Of course my designs were shocking, and not first gulp of coffee of the morning shocking, more like toaster in the bath tub shocking, but what do you expect from a 13-year-old? Over the years I worked and worked on my portfolio, refining it until finally it kick started my career.


Sometimes one logo cannot fit all formats. For instance, if your existing logo is rectangular or oblong, and needs to be made more square for social media, or made black and white, or simplified, or gluten-free, or varied in any other imaginable way, Cyan Designs offer a ‘variation’ service in which your logo can be made into 1 or several variations, like the examples below.


Is your existing logo not quite right? Maybe it’s too blurry or has a bothersome thing in it you can’t stand to look at? Cyan Designs offer a ‘restoration’ service where your logo will be cleaned up, polished, and sent back to you. Think of it as a dog grooming service for logos. See examples of logos in need of restoration below.